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Luggage tinkering

We all need to carry things and the options are seemingly endless these days. I would love to have a set of Expedition Dry Saddle Bags but even when the brackets are produced I figure by the time the Big Brown Truck gets his share the setup is going to set me back almost $500. Don’t get me wrong, I love Eric’s products and he deserves every penny but I have a set of Dirt Bagz for the 610 and since I can’t ride two bikes at once there must be a way me thinks. An inmate had a set of Dirt Bagz brackets from a 630 Husky in the flea market I picked up. Since the 630 had dual silencers I figured these would be a good donor for my project as I knew their shape should allow me some wiggle room. That and much like High Five has his GS 800 nearby; I had my bracket-ized 610 to use as a reference. Some engineering was in order. I wanted to utilize the rear rack mounts somehow but seeing that the rack is recessed into the fender, creating a bracket there was to be difficult. That leaves the muffler mount point which became my focus. Needless to say (then why am I saying it?) there is not much room to work with but I did manage to create this bracket from 3/16 inch thick by 1 mild steel stock. This is a shot of one as it left the oven cured, hermetically sealed primer booth.

I wish I could fire off more dimensions but it was pretty much cut, weld a nut inside, bend, re-cut and re-bend until I was happy. In all reality, one could probably get by with 1/8 stock as it would be easier to bend, allow more clearance and I doubt strength would be an issue. The stock bolt was long enough, just turned it around. The passenger peg bracket is the front mounting point. On average both brackets were the perfect length but the right side was a bit short and the left side too long. This is how I chose to address the right side and the next photo shows my cut and re-weld job on the left. I cut a short length of bolt to put inside any tube cuts. It really helps to strengthen the area and keeps the tubes centered. Both top tubes had to have a 2 inch section cut out to bring the brackets closer to the bike.

Here are the final installed brackets. If you look closely you may notice my farmer hardware clearance secret weapon. Where there is little room for a bolt head I use a grain elevator bucket bolt. Large flat head and they are stainless. I think they serve the purpose and about the only downside is if a passenger ever comes along these brackets are going to rub the inside of your foot a bit. You have been warned. If I need to remove them, four bolts out, two nuts on and they are off, easy peezy.

Here are bags mounted ready for a test run should the weather ever straighten out. Seems to have ample clearance from the exhaust but I will most likely mount my Giant Loop Hot Springs heat shields from my TE 450 Rollie bags when I have the Dirt Bagz on as extra protection near the front. They are not doing me any good sitting on a shelf I figure.

I have a Moto Fizz medium for multi day rides, a much worn Wolfman “Wolftail” bag for overnights and day to day use. The Marsee tank bag came off my Gran Canyon and could it speak it would tell many stories. Yep, lotta history in that ole bag and keeping with the thread theme now I am sounding stupid. This is a shot of the plate I use when the Moto Fizz goes on.

As you can see it gets used on a multitude of bikes and yes, is constructed of a material that is strangely similar to a rural road sign. Don’t ask okay? As my posts may indicate its pretty slow work wise here on the farm but I love to tinker with a new bike and this has been fun. If I ever get to ride more I am sure some deficiencies will arise. Like others in this thread I am looking forward to addressing them with my farmer ways. Oh and I really don’t have an oven cured, hermetically sealed paint booth, just a can of spray paint.

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