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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post I left the 'snugged' 3/8 bolt in, and decided to do the same with my NEW () DR 'pegs for the '08.

(Guess this is what happens when you 'gargle' with fine, old 101 corn likker...! )
so ya left those blended Canuckistanian whiskies and the metric system at the border, went straight to the Kentucky bourbon and the imperial, and now you're loading up your beasts with sloooow thumper parts. you should resolve to treat those motos better.

the Fastways have a removable insert that you can switch from 10 to 12mm, or you can carefully drill the insert to 12mm as i did on one set, being very careful to make sure the bore stays concentric. the Fastways can be found surprisingly cheap used, and you get some big beefy SS footrests with replaceable studs. the Fastways also have an adjuster stop on the underside so that the angle can be changed if necessary. both my sets were like new.

Happy New Year to all.
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