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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
So again, I understand completely what you are saying, but I think he's winning more against full competition than you are giving him credit for.
He probably is, I'm sure perception plays a role. I do recall though that when I really started closelyfollowing these guys a few years back when Stewart won his last SX title, when he dnf'd A1 that he was winning an awful lot of races. Maybe my perception of the other guys is skewed as well. Again it would be just fine with me if Dungey swept every moto between now and vegas, or any of the rest of them. Who knows it could become a Barcia show the new Honda 450 with the dual exhaust might be worth a 1/2 a second alone. Can't believe that is even a relevant statement but it is in todays world. I'm glad you're debating the point I was kind of wondering what the real tally was. It would be interesting to make some kind of bubble chart with each riders win and accompanying bubbles showing how many of the top dogs were there that day. Something like that. I'm late to the SX game and wish I'd have watched more but I never liked McGrath or Charmichael so their runs never interested me. As far as Charmichael being the "goat" I'd beg to differ on that as well but I never really followed those years. He seems to enjoy his status as he should but to me he was and is a kid, Mikkola, Lackey, Mahlerbe, Tony D, Weil, etc., those were men. They didn't have the benefit of fully functional 65cc's to learn to go fast on when they were 7. In Dungey's defense he could still have 5 or more productive years ahead of him, god knows what his resume will look like. As much as I admire Reeds "comeback" I don't think it's realistic to expect many more years from him but another title for him would also be fine with me, same with Stewart. I still think Stewart has the most upside and whose flame could burn the brightest if he could just get past the inexplicable miscue's (Daytona 2012 ) but I'm not holding my breath.
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