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Originally Posted by nobrakes View Post
And all of Reed's championships have been while the top competition have been out as well. Reed never won a championship when Carmichael, Stewart, Villopoto, or Dungey went the distance. Last man standing. But people seem to wear rose colored glasses for their favorites. His competition in '09 MX nationals was Short and Ivan Tedesco. '08 and '04 SX was Kevin Windham. That sums up Reed's championships.

I think Dungey has been pretty damn impressive with some pretty deep fields, and take away 3 mechanicals which were no fault of his own, he has 2 more championships to his name against Villopoto. And Dungey's still a relative youngster, while Reed is now a seasoned veteran. Woulda coulda shoulda, but that's the truth.
Are you one of those asterisks guys? Put an asterisks in the record books because Bob Hannah wasn't there? Where does that crap end?

Reed showed up, he raced, he had the most points at the end of the year. That's how you play the game. Reed has 2 SX titles and Stewart has 2. That's what's in the record books. Sure, James should have a truckload, but he doesn't, does he?

Anyone remember one year in SX, not sure when, they were still on 2 strokes. RC won the title, but Reed flat out beat him the last 6 rounds. RC had a points cushion, but even he said Reed beat him those rounds. Reed ain't no chump. The dude has skills and he is one tough SOB. Plus, he has been showing up outdoors, where the real men go to play.
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