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Originally Posted by Boondox View Post
Primitive camp sounds good. Can't find Steer Creek though, even zooming all the way in on Google Maps. I'm assuming if I turn just past the Merritt Reservoir and take 16F, somewhere between the north shore of the lake and where it connects to NE20 I'll find the campground..?
If you go north over the Merritt dam road then into McKelvie NF, you will eventually come to a "T" intersection (State Spur 16F), go south at the intersection. The campground is on the north side of the road; at most 2 miles.

Some explanation of McKelvie National Forest might be in order -- not really much "forest" there. Maybe 3000 total acres of trees out of about 116,000 acres. The areas with trees were largely, if not completely, planted. The campground has big ponderosa pines etc. But it is an excellent example of the unique Nebraska Sand Hills region where you can wander around.
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