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Rubby Gordon visits a Forum

Rubby talking smack about Nasser over on Race Dezert:

Originally Posted by R Gordon View Post
The more and more i read about Nasser he obviously doesn't know chit about anything and the more i read his comments the more i laugh. i'm still mad at myself i even let him drive a Hummer he's not worthy, his ugly little buggy can no way be 1100 lbs lighter than the Hummer

BUGLY still has 6 wheels and tires that are the same but the wheels are heavier he is using = 750 lbs and you need to have control arms and trailing arms strong enough to hold them on the vehicle.

Same Chevy LS engine thats 75 hp less and weighs the same

4 extra shocks for a total of 8 shocks, Hummer has 4

Still needs 100+ gallons = 675 lbs

Lighter transmission by 25 lbs but much weaker and still has a rear hubs and axles that are probally close to the same

Body might be lighter but i doubt it, if it was running in reverse it would look like the front of a Dodge Truck.

It still has to have all the stuff to make it a car and run, the VW was only 200 lbs lighter than the Hummer at the end of rest day in 2011 so on a good day i would give them 200 lbs to 300 lbs but i even doubt that and at the end of the day i bet they wish the parts were bigger and stronger, I will be really suprised if we see them at Rest day but then again i have been wrong.

Dont get fooled on day 1 im willing to bet he wins that Special Starting first, That i still cannot understand since he Quit last years rally.

Let the Games begin.

So i'm going to call BS on 1100 LBS lighter for the Very Ugly little Buggy

The Hummer has been refined and refined over the years and the car that we won NORRA 1000 with this year was the same car Nasser drove last year at Dakar, the motor or belt system was never changed or modified after Dakar when he Quit and the only reason that the belts came of was the minutes of over rev time per day and that slapped the torsion adjuster on the belt system. Hes a horrible teammate and a Quiter and i wish him luck as a team owner ..i..
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