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Pilot who had the dubious job of riding point also was first to test water crossings
At the 32 sec mark in this video he shows us just how well a honda xr cant swim
This is the after effects

some section were fairly tight with branches snatching at the camera atop my helmet
Lunch was a welcome break as sweat was coming out faster than I could pour water down my throat.

Now I might be a 55 year old carrying some extra kilo's but I did kind of train for this ride by walking/jogging 5km 3 x a week and a 10 km bicycle ride on Sundays and I would say much more is needed as I was to discover in the next 2 days
David had a spill in the afternoon, rounding a corner clipping a fence covered in shrubbery then bouncing across the road, again no injuries and no pic
A drink break along the road and across the road from the shop

We arrived at Kirirom for our first night stay,

A strange place, a resort built on a grand scale but with low occupancy and a slightly run down aspect,
Now don't get me wrong it was a nice place but when I asked La about it he said times were hard as most people day trip from Phnom Penh and don't stay.

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