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Happy New Year Guys

Since I got the XL I've had intermittent starting problems and after replacing and sorting out quite a few of the porevious owners errors and lack of maintenance, it seemed to be getting better. I then noticed that the compression seemed to be really strong sometimes and hardly there on other occasions. I was thinking it may be a valve issue and the other week the bike died a few times on the way home and lost compression so took the AA for the rest of the way.
I dropped the engine out and yesterday i finally had the time to strip it down and here's what I found:

The intake valve seats seem to have sunk and one has broken up

You can see the amount of sinkage better on this one

Thankfully it looks like I haven't lost any of the seat into the barrel and the piston looks fine:

I've also checked over the cams, cam chain, sliders and Rockers and everything else looks fine, so, hopefully once I've got new valve seats and valves fitted all should be good. There's a local firm that specialise in working on older single cylinder bikes including Xls, so, thinking I'll get them to fit the seats and new valves and then I'll put it back together myself to keep the costs down.
Let me know if there's anything else worth doing while I'm at it?
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