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Originally Posted by nuttynu View Post
Just got myself a set, looking forward to run these tires

Ps.. Search button sucks on forum, next time google it. :)
lol, this thread is from 2006. I'm surprised people aren't complaining about the resurrection of dead threads. You're damned if you search, you're damned if you don't.

Anyways, I think I probably have about 1000 miles on my TKC80s. Looking at rounded knobs w/ cracks on the base of them. I'm going to run them until the rear is down to where I'm uncomfortable, or (hopefully not) it throws a knob.

Not sure if I'm going with them again. They are probably one of best dual sport tires when it comes to going off road. However, the 99mph operating limit, the noise, the wear, and (imo) the handling in the wet, can be a bit of a bummer.
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