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Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
mounted mine to the optional BMW mounting bar and respective clamp. removed the headlight/instrument cluster to facilitate getting to the mounting screws. that part was easy. attached the clamp, then the GPS bracket/housing, but the mounting screws seemed almost too long, so washers to the rescue (will buy shorter screws, proper lock nuts). then i wasn't satisfied with how it sat (a bit low for my liking) so i flipped the mount (as described above) upside down but it didn't seem to fit (would hit the GSA windscreen bar), so back to the original position it went. i like the fact that there is a dedicated mounting bar for it but you'd think for the added pieces and expense that it would be perfect, and i don't think it is. i will say that it does offer a very clean look and puts the GPS just below eye level.

This looks very neat and clean and secure, but I opted to raise my mounting up higher using Touratech extension arms with their mount because I wanted the Zumo right in my line of sight, and not blocking the instruments. Line of sight was important to me because I tend to stare at the GPS when lost (often) and have crashed horribly doing so. While my mounting looks like it would be intrusive in line of sight, in use it works fine. Off road it would obscure the area right in front of my front wheel, but it is fine for zooming along paved roads which is how I tend to use my GSA....
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