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Samara to Monte Verde

I really wanted to stay another night in Samara but no more rooms anywhere. The hostel that I was at offered a hammock but when I drank a beer on the beach the night before the bugs totally killed me. The harsh reality is that I need to keep moving. There is so much to see and do. So off to Monte Verde for the zip line. The ride west of the Pan Am was pretty standard only one photo stop. The ride east into the mountains was twisties, the dirt and amazing views. Even though CR is much more expensive than Nica I wish I had more time to ride here and do some zip lines rafting and jungle hikes. It is a really cool place. My list of places I will be back to is getting long haha. It is now a list of places I will try to get back to. I have actually considered not going to South America and really seeing more of Central America. But no can do. Colombia has been a desire of mine for a while and I really want to spend some time there. Colombia is in a really cool place in their development. If had just one goal on this trip I would have to say Colombia is it.

Crossing the Rio Tempisque

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Getting into the Mtns. That is the ocean way in the back ground

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Tried to capture how the sun was on that on hillside. Beautiful green lush country side. Lots of farming all through this area. Also a change in the weather. Raining and 60's from sunny and 90's just an hour ago.

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The good part of the road. I rode this for about 20 miles and then the same out another direction for about 30 miles in the am.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

So I have a hotel res in San Jose for new years eve and I am also meeting another rider there. I really wanted to do the zip line and arrive in Monte Verde about 130. Check out a couple of hotels and notice the last tour for the zipline I want is 2. Time to make it happen. Get a room reserved at the tree hotel call Extremo hope back on the bike at 145 and boogie to the zipline. Change right in the parking lot and bam zipline time! Its a 3 hour tour and to do it in the am I would not have been able to do the ride I wanted. I would have had to take the PanAm to San Jose and I try to avoid that thing like the plague.

Here is the link to the zipline place again.

All I can say is wow!!! It was raining and blowing about 30 MPH. Me "Es Bueno" All the zipline guys "Si es muy bueno" This place blew my mind and almost made me pee my pants! It was so windy that on some of the lines they sent us double to keep our speed up!! Some of the lines are several hundred feet over the valley. More than once I asked my self why I get myself in these situations and actually enjoy it. The two highlights were the Tarzan swing and Superman zipline.

I was very apprehensive about the Tarzan and warned people there would probably be some very loud F bombs. There were!!! Lots!!! I liked the idea of a pendulum swing but I thought they would start with rope basically tight, nope. They shove you off the platform and you drop about 20 feet before the slack in the rope is gone!! That was MFer number one and that was directed at the guy that literally pushed me off the platform, and laughed. I was all strapped in and just needed a second to get set/courage. The guy running the swing set up was behind and I thought helping me with the rope and showing me where to stand. Nope! He was done with all that he was getting set to knee me in the ass and there I go. MFer number 2 when I swing out over a canyon looking down several hundred feet. Then mostly woo hoo and holy F after that. I don't think I swear that much and I have reached my monthly quota in about 5 seconds. I do love things that get the adrenaline up and make me hesitate and the swing was all that and more.

The Superman zipline is damn cool too. After the Tarzan swing it was a piece of cake. Except they dont tell you are going to come into the landing area at about mach 3 and a guy with a rope and metal stopper on the zipline is going to stop like a you are in a 30 MPH car accident. Gotta love Central America and their get it done attitude.

Sorry to be so wordy but I needed to try and capture the adrenaline a little.

The view at the end of the day

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