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This is good information - does using these different Swings/FD provide better/longer/higher rear ends?
Seems like swapping front ends gives Airheads always comes with the need to sort out the rear, is there a preferred Oilhead Swing Arm/ Final Drive that gives you the best rear suspension for the effort?(besides weight/disc brake) I've seen the HPN:
HPN-Sport: The "light" HPN for the sports rider.With the reinforced BMW GS frame, the BMW R1100GS swingarm and the best accessories parts from Brembo, Marzocchi, WP Suspension, Acerbis and HPN we created a motorcycle with superb handling on- and offroad
Among the info: Teleskopic front fork: Marzocchi Magnum, 50mm, 285 mm travel. Shock absorber: Special built WP Suspension with adjustable compression and rebound damper settings and hydraulic adjustable spring preload
Swing arm: BMW R1100GS Series

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I have different numbers for this:

Rear End Comparison:

I also got curious about the conversion to the R1100GS rear end and wondered what it would weigh compared to a monolever rear end:

final drive 16.7
paralever rod 1.3
swingarm 7.8
drive shaft 5.2
rear wheel 14.7
disc 2.0
caliper 1.8
shock 10.0

59.5 lbs total

R100GS or GSPD
rear wheel 14.2
swingarm w/ all bearings, pins, lower boot 6.2
tie rod 1.0
driveshaft 4.4
final drive 17.8
brake shoes, cam, lever 1.9
shock 8.4

53.9 total

swingarm w/ bearings and pivot pins 7.3 lbs
driveshaft 3.9
final drive 16.2
rear wheel 13.0
brake pads, cam, lever 1.4
shock 6.3

48.1 total

HP2 just for curiosity's sake
final drive 17.4
swingarm 9.6
paralever tie rod .9
rear wheel 11.3
driveshaft 4.8
rear disc 2.1
rear caliper 2.1
shock 4.9 (I find that very hard to believe)

53.1 lbs total
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