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drain the tank?

OK, I'm sitting here in sunny but frigid Colorado (night temps at 0 F, -18 C) and day times not much better and lots of snow on the ground. Needless to day, not much prospect for riding - possibly for as long as 2 or 3 months. I got the F650GS on the battery tender and it's fine for now but I am worried about the fuel sitting in the tank. I have had fuel problems in the past with the fuel pump and injectors being replaced under warranty so I don't really trust BMWs F650 to handle marginal gas and even though I added techron I'm sure the fuel will be pretty marginal given the low temps and duration of this cold spell.

Question: should the tank be drained? If so, what's the best technique? siphoning?

Happy New Year to all and thanks for any input.
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