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Originally Posted by ADK View Post
He must be bored, because he is the MASTER at BAITING.
well I didn't expect the topic to go unchallenged. I've spent an AWFUL lot of time at the tracks since 2008. Nobody is more amazed at the "modern" riders than me. I have my favorites past and present. I "hated" Lechien for years as his hay day was when I was in the service and married and the extent of my involvement with MX was grocery store magazine stands and I hated him for being a troubled star when I couldn't even afford a bike. But he was at MX Rewind at Unadilla in June and he was pretty cool and did one of the most amazing things I've ever seen done on a bike, a white tank Can Am no less.

Plus his wife is pretty hot so now I like him.

A day may come when RC's records fall and someone makes his acheivements pale in comparison. Not likely but I still hesitate to award ANYONE the status of Goat because it just doesn't seem fair to do. I'm not a big fan of RC but I don't dislike him. He's just another rider from another generation to me. At the end of the day as much as I hate to say it if you lined up a full gate of all the all time greats and had the ability to make them all magically equal I still think James Stewart would spank them all. To me his flame burns the hottest when the gas is turned on, all his faults and questionable stunts aside. Watching him ride (even if it's only on TV) when he's got it going is to me as good as it can get he just flys. Whoops. Triples. Scrubs. Whips. The guy is a machine. I'm not saying he's my favorite rider of all time, I'm saying if someone was chasing me with an ax and I had to jump on the back of someones bike to get away I'd probably get on his...
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