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Not long after I pull in, sooo does "Parepin"... we both have thrashing to do on our bikes. Valve adjustments, air filters, tire swaps etc.. He had alot to do so as he thrashed I kept myself busy too... oh and i actually talked him into ditching the John Deere muffler he has been using since I met him riding to Alaska in 2010 hahaha... I had an extra LeoVince X3 sooo he bolted that on too.

I don't remember what all he had goin' on ALOT!... but that we worked till 3-4a.m. then had to head for Imnaha, then the Rally/Enterprise.

I needed to make a fender brace like I saw on "Collarbones" DR out in Minnesota last month... my DR Fender on the new front fork setup had been hitting the tire everytime I railed on it in the rough stuff, slowly grooving the fender lip to the curve of a knobby.
I used a flat sheet of aluminun Wayne had in the back room, instead of a pair of alum bars like Collarbone had used. Wanting the lower profile to give me lotsa tire clearance, the adhesive and rivets would/should keep it all from sagging down again.

Traced out the shape...

Bedded it with the "Right Stuff Adhesive rubber" clamped it, drilled it, riveted it... and wallaaaaa, a fender brace that won't interfere with my tube/patch kit bag.

Here you can see the new T63 Michelin peeking under the fender...(Trying this tire now since I will be covering ALOT of miles in the next month ~alot of slab too~ and would like to find another option in the knobby category) I had taken off the 606 front with 4,350mi on it, and figure it could have gone another 500mi. This due to my new procedure of swapping the front around at the 1,800-2,500mi mark, much longer wear:) I'm very happy with this mileage, as I could only pull 2,950mi before starting to swap them around.

The front 606 just before pulling it off...

Only the front two rivets will show from under the fender bag... I like the mechanical look anyhow.

Amazingly as Alex pointed out.. it only took me 45min to find the scrap, cut it, pull the fender, install and put it all back togather! WoooHooo

We were coming to realize.. once again... thaaat we ARE ALWAYS late to Rally's.. at least I AM!!! And I seem to be rubbing off on him hahaha.
So after the latye night/early morning thrash we get some shuteye then head for Imnaha... I want to take him up the Snake to Heller Bar then up Joseph Creek to Horse Creek and then Forestry roads into Imnaha. I had been trying to do it all last Spring/Summer buuuut the snow had kept stopping me, this is a chance to finish the journey...

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