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I have been in constant contact with Ray Hocker THEE man behind most all things rally on the west coast for over 15 years and the organizer or the Gorman rally. Since 2008 the CRS or the california rally series which includes most all of the west coast / AZ / WA/ ID rallys and NASA rally sport tried to run a bike class. in 08 about 5 different riders myself included rode about 3 of 5 or so rallys .. 09 came and they actually had a rally championship just for bikes they had about 2-5 racers that year. Ray has told me Its a losing propositon for them to include bikes so they have stopped opening them up to us because of very low bike numbers. Ray actually has left the door open by welcoming us to the Gorman but we need AT LEAST 5 entries for us to pay our share of insurance. We had 3 lined up to race Gorman last year but that was not enough. I can tell you If we get enough Ray WILL let us race the Gorman rally. He also offers the ridgecrest rally school that he is willing to open to bikes too but not enough interest. The other one that MAY let bikes run is the High Desert Trails which is ran in the Ridgecrest area and also offers a rally time keeping class. Those are the only two besides Idaho which also lets SxS's, Quads and three wheelers in.

I started my rally career with the CRS in 2008 racing out near the burining man festival area in Nevada at the North Nevada Rally which has since switched to Rally America a sanction that doesnt allow bikes. I ran three NASA rallys in 08-09 and learned ALOT about multi stage days and time keeping but not much in the way of navagation as all the stages are blocked, fenced and taped off for BLM /Forest service reasons thus making it easy to concentrate on riding skill in corners and staying in the rally game ALL DAY which takes more fitness and concentration than most would think.

The east coast events have had great turnouts where the west only has had one rally, the mt hood that had over 5 racers and that was because they were filiming it for a possible movie that never materialized.

SO with that said we now have two riders "IN" for Gorman
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