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I'm sorry guys.
A Happy New Year to all of you! It's great to have a community like this and I hope it's gonna be another good year on here and with you fellow riders all over the world!
I've had some, well, personal issues... so New Year's Eve didn't happen for me this time. Anyway, this is not the forum of the broken hearted but the one for riders that wanna ride.
So a bit late, but here's the new list:

1. Just being back from this wonderful place I'd like something that relates to Hawai'i.
2. A place where you can buy Italian ice-cream.
3. Something really colourful. Let your creativity lead you. Try to make things seem a little less grey...
4. Something "royal". Imagination required!
5. A sign of any kind with the word "sun" on it. I could need some.

My apologies if this list isn't as creative or original as usual, or too easy... I'm not really in the most creative mood I fear.
Tag on and let's make 2013 a good year!

Before you judge someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you judge them you are a mile away and you have their shoes.

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