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Originally Posted by auguzt View Post
Below is a rough translation of an interesting interview to David Castera that italian journalist Elisabetta Caracciolo has published on her blog. You may read the entire text here (in italian):
What a biker have to do to come and race the Dakar? This year many valid racers have seen their entry refused, what can we say to these people?
"It is true that also this year we have refused 60 entries, and they are a lot. But we can not accept everyone..." At this point I stop him, But bike entries this year are only 189, they're not 200 as in the past?
"No, no, I know about that, but I cannot get over certain numbers. If I do it I simply overtake our safety threshold in the race, we did it in 2009 and we soon realised about that mistake, it has been very complicated. So we said ourselves, let's get down a bit, let's just look for a right number of entries and we have determined this in a total of 230 racers between bikes and quads. Safety comes first. With regards to racers it is true that we have applied a good selection and there were maybe two or three that could have been allowed in, but you know how it goes, when you have 300 dossiers in front of you and you have to take account of who is the guy, what he did, how old is he, which is his team, from which country he is from... because also this aspect is important, we have to choose a right percentage of riders for every country. You have italians, but also french, spanish, americans, and there is a time to decide. For sure someone has been excluded and deserved to get in, but we will allow him next year. Nobody is excluded for his entire life. This year we get, priorily, people that we did not get last year..."
I wrinkle my nose and I shake my head, and he goes on :
"Listen, here is an example. Last year we did not accept two bikers - I perfectly remember their names - that have not done any race in Africa or any kind of long rally race. This year they sent exactly the same dossier, they did not add a single race from their past resumee. But we have refused also other 10 people that have never attempted a rally race. And there were others who did Morocco, Egypt or Dubai, but we could not allow them in. Let's say that the rule is you must have done at least a few rallies. And if you have not been allowed this year you will be next year for sure, this is clear."
Can be part of a certain team help in a way? Or what if a team has many riders?
"Well, of course I can not let in a team of 40 bikes. Sometimes it is important, but also in this case it is not simple because you do not know from the beginning how many riders the team will bring. Anyway the country is more important: I know that I cannot let in 50 italians and 10 french. If I really had 50 dossiers from italian racers I would have been obliged to let some of them at home... It is over-complicated, really! Believe me, it's not easy."
Very interesting reading Auguzt, thanks for posting it.
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