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Originally Posted by RenoMoto View Post

Stuff in the pipeline:

Dragging icons into the right side frame
Km - mile toggle
Fix the wp and mileage in the printed header
More Custom icons
Our developer is looking at different file type (kml rather than glx) that may load MUCH more quickly. (this should also make the program less browser dependent)
Improved waypoint editor design with easier access to road drawing tools and drag and drop simple text descriptions (left, stay left, straight, stay right, right)

My understanding is that drawing a tulip directly on top of the google earth image is very difficult technically. It's on my wish list, but towards the bottom as we add more (easier) features.

Keep the feedback coming
Thanks for the opportunity to test out your software, it's been fun so far!

Another thought.... would it be possible to use your software to create smaller format enduro style roll charts for Turkey runs or actual enduro? I know it's not your focus but thought I would ask.
Just say'IN
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