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On fuel injected bikes I just run non-ethanol fuel with stabil and seafoam for the last couple tanks. When I put it away for the winter I fill the tank all the way (as little air as possible) with the same treated gas. I don't fill the tank as far as I can, just up to the bottom of the red funnel thingy while on the sidestand. My concern is that if I put in too much gas I'll get liquid gas in the carbon canister. I don't know if I should really be concerned with this or not. If you can't get non-ethanol gas I guess that you'll have to use what you can get.

In the spring, before I start the engine, I siphon out as much of the the old gas as I can get, dump it into my car, and refill the bike with fresh gas. So far I've had no problems with several fuel injected bikes.

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