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Originally Posted by jimmy2020 View Post
The bike has a FMF pipe installed (has insert) and I am concerned about it being to loud. I do not want to cause unnecessary attention. Any feedback????
I want to be able to cruise through the small community slowly and quietly.
does it come with the standard pipe? in completely stock form, it's extremely quiet. there's definitely less power but i found it would still get up and go fine when needed. then there are a series of mods you can do that gradually derestrict it and get louder. plenty of guys sell of their stock mufflers for less than $100.

like you, i wanted to cruise around without annoying people so just took out the pea shooter bit at the end, then trimmed down the tube a bit on the insert. still reasonably quiet but derestricted it enough for me.

check out the exhaust mods mentioned here.
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