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Yeah, I am a little late on the scene. I have looked over the last few years results and seen the low entries and dwindling Rallymoto on the left coast.

That said, I am not looking to be Dakar type of experience. So having little navigation is of no importance to me. Just some closed fireroad running with time being kept. Essentially, a very cool way to screw around.

I know the east coasters make a great turn out. I can only guess the westies are too busy playing Hare n Hound in the desert to bother with 'Rally.'

HDT is in May right? Not sure I can buy a bike and get enough practice in by then. I will keep my eyes open, and will use any means necessary to get off work for Gorman. So keep that in mind, and hopefully we can recruit some more. I have seen your past efforts on ADV to get enough bikes to cover the costs.
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