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Laugh Went to see a duck about some sauce...Duck Sauce?

I got some heated grips installed and had to test em out. I also haven't ridden since my last tag and I needed a moto fix!
Man, they are NICE!

Anyway...I had beautiful roads all the way to the road the tag is on. I got up to where the pavement ends and there was still snow on the road but the tire tracks were snow free. Cool!
Got a little further in and the snow was covering the entire road in places, no tracks to stay in, and out of the snow. OK, I'll have to slow down some. The road is severely crowned and the tracks with snow in them are angled as to make you slide off the road and into the ditch. Hmmm. I better be careful here.
I got past the open gate and past the only road off this one(to the left). There is an incline past this intersection for about 150-200 yards. At this point I started using my feet as outriggers as all the snow was packed down and was basically partially melted ice. The bike started slipping out from underneath me so I had to stop. Great. I'll never get going from here.
So I backed up until I got to the center of the road where the snow had not been touched, thinking I may get a better purchase with my tire. Made it about ten feet but I could see this wasn't going to cut it.
So then I got off and took these pics. Looking towards the prize...

You can see my tracks in the tire tracks(on the right) and in the center in the previous photo.
Looking back...

Notice the rear tire. It was spinning the whole time. Of course it also looks like this...

Yeah, maybe a fresh knobby would help.

But I'm so close! Then I decided to move to the low spot on the left side of the road. It wasn't a ditch and it was nice and smooth. That worked(somewhat) for about 75 yards but it was a never ending spin/slide fest.

I then decided to bag it as I knew there was at least one more hill like this one I would have to tackle.

So I turned around and gently made it back to the intersection and took a break. The hill that got me...

Looking at the way out...

and the other road...

Nothing but wet packed snow/ice in all directions.

So that's strike two! Who's next?
2004 XR650L

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