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Thanks for the update. I seem to remember that you were of two minds about the sharp cutoff. I thought I would pass along what TRS told me in one of their emails (especially since you plan to disassemble it again). They suggested adding spacers between the lens holder and the body of the projector to make the cutoff a little defocussed - it might be something you could experiment with if it still bothers you. I'm not sure how it will affect the beam spread...probably something that should be bench tested before sealing it all back up. I understand some auto manufacturers use a frosted finish or something similar on their factory projectors to soften that hard edge.
I was planning to add a remote level adjustment so that I could try to get the cutoff as far away from the bike as possible under all loading and suspension conditions to alleviate the bouncing edge. I know this doesn't help the dark dark areas while cornering, but I have driving lights to fill-in the shadows and hopefully this combo will work.
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Hey RoundOz,

Currently, I have a littler over 10K miles on my retrofit and haven't had any major problems with the 50W D2S kit. A few weeks after I got everything installed the shroud around the projector fell off after some trail riding; I took the light apart and pushed the shroud on further and it hasn't come off or wiggled since.(I guess I didn't push it on all the way originally.) Then a few weeks after that, the high beam solenoid started sticking on causing the High Beam to stay on. I took the projector out and cleaned up the solenoid and added some powdered graphite and no issues since! (This problem seems to be well documented when I researched the Morimoto projectors.)

I'm hoping to inspect my wiring soon and I'll probably open up the headlight housing to take a closer look at the projector and make sure everything is ok.

Overall, I'm still very happy with the swap and glad I installed the light!
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