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Originally Posted by RoundOz View Post
Can you elaborate on that...not understanding.

Here is the quote from one of the emails regarding heat:

>>>with the 35W setup, heat of the unit is actually lower than the stock 55w halogen.
>>> The 50w HID setup, in contrast is hotter than the stock 55w halogen
>>> so you are more likely to have heat-related issues with that

He also said that the 50W ballasts can have heat related issues over time. My fuel range and aging butt give the ballast plenty of cool-down opportunities.

I asked about heat because some inmates had reported signs of heating using 50W HIDs in stock reflectors. This is a little different situation as very little of the light is hitting the original reflector with a projector setup, but I rarely have the time to do things once, let alone twice. Obviously his reply is not based on experience and he was working with a customer who was limited to a $160 price tag (more or less a gift certificate situation) so I got what I paid for. Maybe I will see if they will do an exchange...
Just to be clear, I ditched the stock reflector and mounted a Morimoto Mini D2S projector assembly in place of it.

A 50W HID bulb in the stock reflector is just all kinds of wrong.

While I've not personally verified the claim, TRS stated the 50W ballast "gets warm to the touch but never hot, so it does very well in confined areas."

Here are the stock and Morimoto Mini D2S beam patterns.

Note that the HID isn't adjusted as high but the high beam is much narrower. I tend to only use my high beam when I need extra light on the scene so the narrowness wasn't helpful. So I took the projector apart and widened the cutout with a nibbler.

I don't have a pic of the new pattern but you should get the idea.

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