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Unless something has changed recently, the only requirement to bring an NFA (SBR, full auto) weapon across lines is a letter/ form from the BATFE granting permission. It's pretty simple actually, all you have to do is tell them that you will be traveling to other states for competitions or training and they give you the letter. The only problem I've ever heard of would be traveling to a state where full auto is prohibited.

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Kevin, going to make an assumption that one of the ranges is West Side Range just west of you off of Rte. 33 near Brandywine. Only restriction I see on that one is No Flying Targets, i.e., clays. Not sure what the other one is, as there are several in the area.

I suspect that NFA weapons would be allowed as long as they, and the owner, were accompanied by the proper forms and paperwork. Mike may already know this, but if said weapons were to be carried across state lines, the appropriate authorities would need to be notified in advance. That may be what he was asking where the ranges were located.

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