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6 november - From Cd. Mante to Excitement

The Dog of the Day (don't get used to it)

A bit of fog and mist early this morning. All 10 of us decided to do the scenic route on nice twisty mountain roads. A scenic stop at Paraje el Meco El Salto waterfalls was a real treat, at over 160 feet of terraced aqua marine blue mountain water coursing through scattered mounds of bright green water plants.

We then continued our course through the mountains until a slow seeping spring coming right through the asphalt on a sharp uphill corner caused Sue to slide out. Charlie was the first to get to her as she slid along the road separate from her sliding F800 ST BMW. Sue was conscious and for the most part ok. A passing pickup took her to the nearby clinic for stitches between the first two fingers on her left hand and cleaning and bandages on scuffing on her right arm.

[It was quite a shock to say the least when I came around the corner and saw Susan sliding down the road behind her bike. I parked as quickly as I could and when I got to her she was standing up, so I knew there was no hip failure. cwc]

Susans Waterloo

The bike had a dime sized hole in the engine cover. We fixed it.

Charlie and Craig with the aid of J B Weld epoxy sealed up her engine case where it had worn through while sliding down the asphalt. Peter went and got 3 quarts of oil, it took two to top it off and the bike now seems to be running fine. Sue is a real trooper and said like when a horse bucks you off, you get back on.

We regrouped and headed for Cuidad Maiz where most of us ate an all you could eat chicken lunch served family style for about $4.50 each.

Betty's DR 650 did not want to run smoothly, so Craig and Peter pulled the carburetor and plugs to try to remedy the rough running engine.

No success yet, sounds like we will stay here for the night, this will give the mechanics in the group time to try and fix Betty's bike.

We check into the better of two poor motels in town, $18 for two beds, you get towels and a roll of Toilet paper when you pay for the room. Craig, Peter , Linda, and Charlie began swapping components from Linda's DR 650 to Betty's DR 650, after each component swap Peter would test ride the bike.

After numerous tests, someone wondered about the air cleaner. With the air cleaner partially removed Betty's bike ran with out faltering. So Peter will wash it out completely let it dry and put it back together in the morning.

[This is the second recently serviced air cleaner that has fooled me in Mexico. The person who worked on Betty's bike wasn't familiar with foam air cleaners and had apparently left WAAAY to much oil in it. - cwc]

While waiting for results Betty helps Susan tune up her bandages.

The group is going for supper now, I'm not hungry and will try to catch up on last nights lost sleep. No Wi-Fi at this motel, pretty much no anything. Funny thing is both Charlie and I said we never wanted to stay in Corn Town again. Elevation of 4,000 feet here, we both asked for a blanket for each bed as there is no heat in the room.

With the delays of the day we drove approximately 97 miles.

Day 2 Track

Day 2 Elevation


DR350 It'll get you there

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