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So tell them what they want to hear, "It's a 1972 BMW R75/5".
Right! That's exactly what I told the Napa Canada rep when he asked the question over the phone last week. He basically blew me off with "We don't have anything you're looking for. Sorry." Kind of rude and perfunctory, and not at all helpful.
I can sympathize if you're less than impressed with Canadian Tire
Yes, Crappy Tire wasn't any help either, but that's expected from them.

The references to VW and Datsun models will really help me in the right direction. That's information I was missing. Thanks hugely. BTW, in reference to the Bosch unit -- would that be part number 301 600 118? I've seen many online vendors offering this headlight.

Although going with OEM parts is the best route, I want to keep the price point under $100 if possible; I've seen the recommended upgrade parts on Bench Mark Works approaching $200. That's a bit pricey for this build.
- Robert
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