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Sooo after the thrash session Al and I roll up the Snake.... I'm excited to show him some new stuff!

Folks out play'n on the water...

The hills always seem to talk to me here...

The Elmer Earl Ranch I wrote about last year... A Captain who used to run the river...

"Captain Elmer Earl, whose grandparents homesteaded Idaho riverfront on the Snake in the late 1800’s, talks about early steamboat traffic on the river and the gradual evolution from sternwheelers to welded steel mail boats that brought supplies to miners and sheep ranchers then took wool and grain back downstream. Elmer even got to drive one of the sternwheelers as a young boy while his father and the captain played cards!"

Aaaah glancing up the steep walls as we slide through...

At Heller Bar we ride along the Grande Ronde before crossing it and heading up Joseph Creek (named after Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce)

And Pass Mark Ramsden's Mountain Beef Cattle spread... at least his part time house and lower grazing yard.

Home | Our Grass-Fed Beef | Photo Slideshow | About Us & Our Ranch | Sales & Contact Info | Recipes | Resources
About Us

We’re a small family ranch situated on the border between Washington and Oregon, grazing our animals onĀ certified organic rangeland in both states.

We operate with a belief that Black Angus and Spanish Corriente cattle can be sustainably grown in the canyons and mountains of Eastern Washington and Oregon.
We follow a traditional pastoral grazing system where riders herd cattle and monitor range country year around, sharing the natural environment with other wildlife.
How Our Animals Help The Land

Able to graze on the coarse vegetation which is passed up by elk, sheep and deer, our cattle stimulate regrowth that is then favored by those same animals.
  • Physiologically stimulate the plants growth
  • Control weed proliferation without chemical use
  • We’re able to use grazing as a tool to improve ecological conditions

Mark and Amy Ramsden :: (541) 569-2450 | Download our brochure (PDF 442k) | Download pricing info (PDF 13k)

A super nice family I met last year as I rode through here... Mark offering to let me use his hi-country cabin to sleep in if I ever got held up/stuck up on top!)

Once up Horse Creek aways I pull off to bowl up with Al...

Then it's his turn to lead for a while...

I'll hang back... let the dust settle.. and ennnnjoooooy the magnificent scenery!

As much as I really prefer to ride alone.. (and so does Al actually) I really do enjoy it when teaming up with him! One of the few people I can share space with on the bike, we both like a fast pace, like being out in Mother Nature, like sharing the kind and like to keep an open mind!
Good to be riding some of my favorite country with him.

I pull off for some pics and notice, I've got a new passenger... This will become very much TRUE within the next 24hrs!

I'm deffinately feeling the love as I take a BUNCH of flower pics through here...

We get up on top near Marks Hi-Camp and his upper Corral... Just BEAUTIFUL views.

A mountain backdrop to boot...

Alex has waited up near some info posting...

Then he's off again...

Beautiful day to be alive...

The Wallowas looking at us...

The road has turned back into highspeed gravel...

Almost the exact spot I was turned back last year by the snows...(not the first or last mind you)

And last year...

I keep having to pull over and just..... BREATHE!!!

I notice in this highcountry little lake... a whole world of mystery and wonder... it's a breeding ground for Frogs, with a whole mess of tadpoles swimming about:)

Another nice thing about a throttle lock... self portraits on the move.

Once you get up onto the Buckhorn Rd the Plains become SPECTACULAR... I've been reading Walter Colebatch's Mongolian RR's and I feel that this place looks just as stunning! Of course I do need to ride over there as well.... juuust to compare.

I am so drawn to this Northeastern corner of Oregon... I can feel why the Nez Perce grew to live here, and why it was so sacred to them/me. I feel that my last time around in a human body was as a Nez Perce and can understand my attraction to this wonderous land.

These fences never were and still are not... a natural and respectful way to treat our Mother. But I learn to look past them, and to see the beauty of her lands...

I've been leading again, but soon it will be Al's turn to kick up the dust...

Down at the end of this straight where Alex's dust still floats, is Camp Creek Rd, a lefthand turn off to take us down into Imnaha. I'll have to pull off and wait for Al to figure somethings wrong and turn back to check. Then head us in the right direction...

He comes back and we head down our target....

We stop to open a gate and who pulls up but 4 FF'ers from the Rally... turns out Alex knows one of them from a previous ride/visit... TJ "Pigpen". Hopefull Al will plug in any details... Also "Steve Levine" and "Jungle Man" all from ADV.

We're all happy to meet up and enjoy a moment of comraderie... PPP too! I think they recognize Janice and Desiree' waaay more than Al and I LOL!

All there bikes are set up niiice and they fill us in on the current situation at the Rally. It's Friday already and the shindig has been goin' on since Wed-Thurs... once again we miss most of the fun. Actually we only miss most of the group fun.. since we ALWAYS have fun with or without anyone else!^)-

Everyone starts to suit up... the guys heading back to the campfire... Alex and I heading down to the Imnaha Store for some chow aaand to acclimate to the area before jumping into a whole group of folks.

The Cows look on unamused...

Beautiful hillsides as we drop on down...

Some Ranchers just outta town...

We get to the Store and I introduce Al to Heather, whos parents own the store... we had a couple goood conversations last year!

That's betta...

Her husband Kirk comes in from fishing... nice guy too! And we get to shoot'n the shit about local things... he tells us about a local Rancher down below Imnaha who was so paranoid about the Japanese invading us back in WWII that he hid Dynamite ALL OVER the hills!?! No one knows how much is still left out there... hahahaha oooh boy, better step easy.
Eugene Pallette

Eugene William Pallette (July 8, 1889 – September 3, 1954) was an American actor. He appeared in over 240 silent era and sound era motion pictures between 1913 and 1946.
An overweight man with large stomach and deep, gravelly voice, Pallette is probably best-remembered for comic character roles such as Alexander Bullock, Carole Lombard's father, in My Man Godfrey (1936), his role as Friar Tuck in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) starring Errol Flynn and his similar role as Fray Felipe in The Mark of Zorro (1940) starring Tyrone Power.

Later life

Eugene Pallette's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1946, convinced that there was going to be a "world blow-up" by atom bombs, Pallette received considerable publicity when he set up a "mountain fortress" on a 3,500-acre (14 km2) ranch near Imnaha, Oregon, as a hideaway from universal catastrophe. The "fortress" reportedly was stocked with a sizable herd of prize cattle, enormous supplies of food, and had its own canning plant and lumber mill.
When the "blow-up" he anticipated failed to materialize after two years, he began disposing of the Oregon ranch and returned to Los Angeles and his movie colony friends.

Funny what kind of stuff ya learn when ya least expect it....

She shows Al what the RattleSnake count is all about...

Yup fresh Rattler.. ya hungry?

I think he's really interested??? Anyhow she hooks us up with some lovingly made food as her daughter does her best to distract her.

Then as I go outside following Al to suit up... he walks back and says!
"Dude.. my fuck'n tools are ALL GONE!"
I say " WHAT???"
"Yup NO tools and the end cap is gone too!!!"

"SHIT... well no one around here woulda messed with your bike... sooo the cap must fell off and your tools fell out?!?!?"

"Hmmm Shit.. ok let's go back track."

Sooo we go back... and back ... aaaand back... all the waaaaay to Waynes in Lewiston.

Riding mostly side by side to better see into the ditches.... as we get further and further into the night... we realize he's got an electrical PROBLEM! After one extended stop we have to push start the bike... oooh boy nothing like adding our own little TWIST to the Adventure! He txt "PigPen" so they don't worry about us not pulling into the Rally... and to put the word out to be on the lookout for a tool roll.
Sometime late we roll into Waynes and instead of another back to back all nighter we crash.... figuring tomorrow we'll restock on tools, do repairs? Then head back to the Show!

Gooood night!

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