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GS Pre Ride

OK so it is January 1st 2013 in Florida. Temps near 80 degrees had this guy sweating like a pig at a ham festival .

Don't worry though on the day of the GS ride I am sure temps will be near freezing

OK, so we had our Hungarian friend join us for the ride today and he tells us a Hungarian Joke. Why is this Dakar Rally Bike parked next to the dumpster?.... Because that is where it belongs

Actually John has a thread in here about his build of the cool Rally Fairing, it had me fooled

So we gathered at the starting point for the BMW NEF GS ride in a couple of weeks. Our goal was to try and get some timing down on using the new routes that Bill has been trying to work into this years ride. Soooooo...they needed a Guinea pig err I mean Guinea GS Bill asked someone to step forward and I swear, I did not move. Everyone else must have stepped back.

So we are off

We are soon on the dirt

We have had a good bit of rain in this area lately and roads are hard packed

Ok maybe a little too much

Nice stuff

Everyone enjoying New Years Day

OK so we come to a rather large water hole......

Now why do you think these guys are stopping here...Yes they know something fun is about to happen

Guinea is going down

well pigs do love mud

well at least the new titanium found a soft spot to play. It actually looks pretty clean in pictures

Ok Guinea, ready for more?

Guineas next test

OK got to get over this tree, yes pop the front wheel over ....

And then

Nothing, I was beached like a tub on a sand bar. My skid plate landed on the log and I was going no where

Ok mental note..need a solution for that hurdle..which we did figure out

Back to the good stuff

So, the morning ride until lunch is primo, I think an RT could handle it. Except for a couple of Guinea moments..piece of cake

After lunch.. this is where I need to mention that as we had south into Ocala National Forest I heard this girl screaming...what the heck???

Once my heart rate came down a little I realized that girl screaming was me

Break time..can't be all work and no play..

I know what you are thinking..this is getting Bill was able to work in a little Florida Snow

I do not know how much comment this needs

I swear I can still hear a girl screaming...

Well I did get them to stop calling me they call me dog paddle I said that's Mr, Dog Paddle

Well The GS ride is shaping up to be a great time. Really nice pictures Bill

And New Year Day comes to a close...

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