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OK - Pics from the ride today - 1/1/13

The Aeroflow (for me) is PERFECT!! Any speed between 30 and 90, the Aeroflow offered complete protection from the wind.

I'm 6' and slim. I can see over the top with no problem. I followed the size guidelines on their website.

On my 85 mile ride this afternoon the ONLY time there was any serious wind buffeting was in traffic on a 4-lane and vehicles were traveling in the same direction. Their disturbed air cause some slight amount of buffeting.

In clear air there was only an occasional buffet - is that a real thing? Anyway, there's a pocket of still air that my upper body sits inside. There is moving air striking my shoulders, and arms. Moving my hand around there is a strong stream of air over the cylinder heads that strikes my shins. Another strong stream of air comes up in front of the forks. The air near the tank seems to be quiet, but there is a stream that flows across the tops of my upper thighs and crotch area. I could not determine where this air was coming from - it seemed a bit diffuse, yet it was enough to shrink 'willy' to a size not seen since I was 8 years old!

The slot between the windshield and the 'fairing' directs a strong stream up the backside of the windshield, relieving any low pressure areas, thus there is zero pressure forcing (sucking?) my torso forward. I sit neutral with no influence forward or backwards.

The sun was very near the horizon and I was riding directly into it. Holding my left hand up to shield my eyes I could not detect any wind at or just above helmet level. Obviously the wind stream was directed above the level of the top of the helmet.

Obviously I have not ridden in rain or heat so I cannot comment on those conditions. But in the cool winter of NCal this is a perfect solution. The bike was a real pleasure to ride with the Aeroflow.

Bottom line? For me - and YMMV - this is a spendy accessory that makes the bike all that much more enjoyable. Would I recommend it? 100% fer sure!

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