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Originally Posted by jarthur View Post
Given it takes a whole day for us here in the soggy, cold north to travel to DV, I asked Jimmy Lewis if he would do a one day riding class on Wednesday, March 27 - just before the DV Noobs event. He said yes, but with a few minor changes. Here is the scoop:

Since this is a private class and the number of participants will be limited, the cost is $300.00 for the day.
The class fee will not be refundable, and must be paid in full in advance (when signing up).
The class will be in Pahrump.
The class will focus on skills for riders with Beginner to Intermediate skills as they are defined on his web site. Actual instruction will depend on participants' skills.
The class will be limited to 12 riders (two places already are taken).

To sign up, go to the link below, fill out the form, and pay for the class ($300.00) in full. Jimmy will confirm your place in the class after payment has been received.

We know stuff happens at the last minute. If an emergency comes up and you cannot go (broken bone, etc.), Jimmy is willing to consider a replacement, but you must get your money from a replacement AND the proposed replacement must fill out the class forms. Jimmy will confirm if the replacement is OK after getting completed forms.

I probably have not addressed all possible questions so feel free to send me a PM or e-mail. I am thrilled to take Jimmy's class, and will practice what I learn during the Noobs Rally.

good idea jack....

Originally Posted by moto-treks View Post
And for those that want a 2 day class don't forget the March 23/24 riding school
folks, this may be the best investment you'll ever made for 2013.
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