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New Year's Day and we're back at it. Allan and Rick were able to help too and we got a lot done.

There was a little more spacer work, this one was for the steering stem.

But the good stuff is the engine. Rick and Allan got most of the top end done while I was messing around on the lathe. Then we all had to get into it.

There're no pictures of putting the pistons in the cylinders, it took all hands available to do that.

The 5" spring compressor wasn't big enough, so we made a 6" version.

This one worked much better.

Figuring out how to set the timing. It's important! It's also harder when you've replaced the parts that have timing marks with other model / aftermarket parts.

A little victory. The motor isn't quite done, but it's a lot closer. It was definitely a good day.

It doesn't seem like much, because the stuff that didn't take pictures of never happened. Like Allan and I pulling the triple clamps off the forks and mounting them to the frame just to figure out the size of the spacer. Rick's half-dozen trips to the computer to figure out which piston rings go in which groove. (no instructions included and no online consensus, of course). Hogging out holes in the headgasket so it fit properly. Little things. Important things. But they didn't get a picture. There are a lot of things like that.

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