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I have shipped my Harley twice from Fairbanks to Seattle with Alaska Airlines.
Once in Nov, 1993, and again in Feb 2007.
This option is only available in Alaska and to Seattle. The planes have an extra large door to allow room for cargo
pallets and pods. They aren't used any farther south.
The shipper has to be "approved" by Alaska Airlines, which means an application and review before approval.
The bike does not have to be crated.
You can leave the battery in, but it has to be disconnected.
Depending on which person you talk with, you can leave one gallon or 1/4 tank of fuel in the bike.
Oil can stay in engine.

The cost is based on the weight of the bike, and there is an additional HazMat fee, about $25 last time.
My Harley was a little over 650 pounds, and seems like the cost was about $650 in 2007.
Shipping from Fairbanks, I was told to allow about 3 days for arrival in Seattle.

When I shipped, I trailered the bike to the freight terminal, presented the shipping paperwork which I had
initiated a few days earlier, they had me back up to a door and unload the bike inside. The bike was rolled
onto a metal shipping skid, and I was even allowed to attach the tie down straps myself. They move the skid
with a forklift, and it is considerably larger than the bike, so nothing extends past the edges.

I was able to fly to SeaTac 3 or 4 days after I shipped and took a cab to the Freight Terminal.
Simple, just hooked up the battery, put on my riding gear, strapped on my bags and took off,
hit the first gas station to top off the tank.

No crate to buy, or get rid of later.

The hardest part would be finding an approved shipper in Anchorage, and the best way to do that would be to advertise on Alaskaslist or Craigslist in the motorcycle section. I would get references tho.
And probably a local shop might have the approved shipper status.

Good luck...
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