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Originally Posted by Tim McKittrick View Post
For anyone still reading here is a nice explanation by Kieth Code. His "No BS Bike demonstration is very cool.
The No BS Bike is great, but it has sport bike geometry, my old sport bike was similair, with no hands on the bars, it went straight, and would go straight until it ran out of momentum. I could stand on the seat, stand on the tank, hang off the side with both feet on the same peg, the bike would go straight.

My dualsport however, yes I know I shouldn't be riding with no hands, will change lanes just by turning my head.

Countersteering is an arugement that will rage forever. Not long ago I complained about my brothers Honda VTX 1800 to another guy who had a VTX 1800. I said the steering was far too heavy to be comfortable. He told me I was riding it wrong, I should be countersteering, not regular steering. I argued that its not possible to go around a curve at speed without countersteering on any bike, he told me I was wrong, and I was not countersteering.

When I took a riders course to get my license, the instructors pulled over and said "Okay from here on today I want you to practice countersteering" So we're all confused asking what the hell we were doing in every curve if we weren't countersteering?

So I dunno, everyones an expert. I'm told it will steer easier if I push right to go left, its hard because I'm pushing left to go left. Wait a minute? It goes left no matter which way I push the bars? Practice countersteering? I'm just not seeing where I get a choice to countersteer or not.

Maybe throwing a whole bunch of body steer into it will allow me to avoid countersteering, but normally you're not going to consciously have to think about which way to turn the bars
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