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and Helly who had stopped yesterday for about 3 hours is ok, only a mechanical

Unfortunately I don't see him in the live tracking today which may mean he couldn't fix his bike in time for this morning's start... who knows...

Breathe in the Rally Office in Austria - Helly, the tiger is doing well!

Maybe he even risked too much - we do not know exactly - but recently he has reported to the "control center" in Austria phone. Nothing happened to him! But on the dramatic hunting forward it is in a high-speed running, the broken wheel hub - the rear wheel had simply blocked. Fortunately, he did not come to overthrow!

He was now so well situated in the race. Helly showed once again that he is among the world leaders can compete at.
But the extraordinary race is far from over - Helly has often been taken out at the last second and the final victory.

Tonight, however, a die-hard night for the mechanics! The bike from Helly loses oil, smash the wheel needs to be replaced, and certainly has one or the other part on the bike maybe I want something else. Helly is currently with the helicopter on the way to the paddock. We are glad that our hero is doing well.
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