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It would depend somewhat on the particular bike and tires. On pavement I could probably due a large radius turn at 20 mph plus without counter steering .I can probably trail ride all day without counter steering to initiate a turn. There isn't any one magic speed that fits every bike/situation.
Check this out. Countersteering is simply upsetting the placement of the mass of the bike+rider over the track of the tires. You turn the front wheel left, the tire track moves out from under the mass of the bike to the left that then *allows* the front tire to turn back to the right to make the turn without flopping the bike over to the outside of the turn.

So if you move the mass of the rider out to the right, therefore once again placing the tire track to the left of the combined mass of bike+rider, now the front tire can turn to the right to make the turn.

I'm both instances, the key is that the contact patches are no longer centered under the combined mass of bike+rider. Whether you accomplish this by steering the patches out from under the bike, or moving your mass out from on top of the patches, the effect is the same.

This works at all speeds including 1mph. The main difference is that moving the contact patches instead of leaning let's you reach the maximum cornering potential of the tires.
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