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Peter. Saw your readouts on GuzziTech and will do a comparison when I get back to Petes. Ya, I know. You all thought I was at Pete's. I was but now I'm down the road at a Nogales hotel. You see, Pete's three bedroom place was pretty well stuffed with relatives for New Years. Pete and his great gal, Debbie, daughter Mel, brother Joe and gal Lucy, sister Mary and hubby Scott. With me in the living room on an air mattress it was still all good. And with Debbies daughter and husband arriving just for the night New Years we still would have made do, somehow.
But, a few days ago I was commenting to Pete how plugged up I was and I thought Arizona was supposed to clear you head. Not! For me anyways. I was also starting to sneeze. Then the night before New Years it hit. One nasty flu. Picked up I'm sure by one of those coughing restaurant or gas station attendants on the way to Peter's. So they made preparations to stick me into on of the bedrooms till everyone retired and I would switch to the living room. I was getting progressively worse by the minute and decided I wasn't going to ruin their New Years and got a great room down the road.
So, New Years for me was one of the sweatiest fevers thru the night I've had for years and a hacking cough that actually hurt my lungs. On the road, of course, I didn't get any flu shot. Compounding it was prolly my near isolation the last few years being on my own fighting the divorce. contact with few people and no kids I had no sicknesses. I brought with me Advil cold medicine and 1000 mg vita Cs. I became convinced years ago that pounding a lot of these really cuts down a cold. I took up to about 8 a day and it seems to have knocked the fever way back. I am hoping to get back up there today and am praying that I don't find a room full of sneezing people.
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