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Just a quick update: We showed the bike to my son on Christmas day and he was definitely very happy about it. But I also discussed in detail the work that would be required, both to get it back on the road and to kep it running. He definitely took the conversation seriously and we agreed to discuss it further after he had some time to think about it.

In the meantime we both decided the bike was worth getting road worthy so we dug a little deeper into the engine to see exactly what was going on. So after all the presents were opened we snuck back out to the shed and here is what we found:
  • We pulled the clutch-side case and primary drive gear and then and measured the crank run-out. It showed .007 TIR. OK, so the crank needs to be re-built.
  • Then we yanked the engine (took about an hour) and brought it into the basement to be able to work on it on a proper bench with better light and with some heat.
  • The first thing I noticed was that the screws and bolts indicate that the bike has been worked on. Most of the phillips heads are pretty beat up and others have been replaced with hex-head bolts.
  • Next, we pulled the heads and cyclinders and I showed him where the scoring was. They'll get cleaned and sent out soon too.
At that point we were sort of running out of time so we figured we'd call it quits. Then an odd thing happened - as I was moving the engine around I tipped it up slightly onto the clutch-side and out of somewhere rolled a single stainless ball bearing about .25" in diameter? The cases weren't split yet so this sort of surprised me.

Anyway now I'm into it and looking for a way to keep my son updated so he can follow along (the idea of us doing the work together won't really work for now). I may start a build thread or post it to a blog or maybe just keep this thread going? (thoughts anyone?).
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