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Originally Posted by macadamia View Post
Is this taken with a GoPro Hero using the Chesty mounting?
Almost...this was done using the time honored "hang-a-GoPro-from-a-lanyard" technique. Then I set the GoPro to 5s intervals, and fire away. In this case, the technique worked well - good to see the BMW logo, no tank bag on top, has a nice autumn & rainy feel to it.

Here's another execution from a trip over the summer - tank bag and GPS are mounted, the GoPro is at a slightly different height, nice bluebird day, and it gives you a different feel. That's Mt. Rainier on the left.

Two key things about the lanyard technique: 1) need to think through the length where to maintain the GoPro for camera viewing. In my case, I just used a shoelace and adjusted the knot where the GoPro would rest. 2) Since the GoPro is just dangling there, it will sway back and forth as you do turns. Sometimes you can get a cool effect, sometimes it's all blurry. Depends on the lighting.
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