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...And I'm not comfortable with removing people's post just because it's the 3rd time someone posted "Despres is at WP6!!!". When it happens to me, I usually delete my own post and we could remind people that doing this themselves would be the polite thing to do.
Great point and one that I've noticed more and more posters stepping up to do in last year. For a while, it was fun to win the race to post the information, but with so many more people involved and engaged now, it's harder and the posts mount up much too quickly. Self moderation of redundant information is key to keeping the flow relevant.

We've come a long way from the 2006 thread's 420 posts and 30,748 views to the 2012 thread's 14,634 posts and 1,088,105 views so perhaps I'll add the friendly reminder for everyone to think about quality of posts rather than quantity of posts. After a certain point, it's near impossible for anyone to keep up with.

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