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When you lean your body one way, the bike leans the opposite way, (an equal and opposite amount) keeping the COG over the contact patches. But, now that the bike is leaning, the steering geometry causes the bars to turn in the direction of the lean. So, you lean your body right, the bike leans an equal and opposite amount left. The steering geometry makes the handlebars turn to the left. Now the the bike starts to turn left the GOG vector shifts right and the bike begins to lean right. Once the bike passes vertical, the handlebars fall to the right. You feel the bike starting to lean right and you shift your weight left. When you shift left, the bike leans more to the right (an equal and opposite amount) and since it leans more right the handlebars turn farther to the right as well which is countersteering to stand the bike up or arrest it's fall to the right. etc, etc.
The more you know!
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