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Originally Posted by SauceSquatch View Post
Just thought I would pile onto this thread, I just purchased a PCV and AutoTune, I'm pretty stoked to get it installed. TuneECU has been great and the only reason I'm moving to the PCV is to get the autotune setup. I've had been running a map made by Wayne Tripp (the PowerTripp Acro 2-1 exhausts) and I've been happy with it, but I'd like to put on the CPR air intake system on the bike. To do that I would need to dyno tune it or just keep trying maps. The more research I did the more I like the concept of the AutoTune, I've heard it gets you pretty damn close to a custom map. I was actually going to gamble in the spring, put on the CPR and ride out to deals gap to Ken Wheeler (because I do that trip every spring anyway, love that part of the country) to have him put it on the dyno. My only trepidation with that plan is the gamble of getting out there, if I put on the CPR and it's eating gas and I'm only getting 25MPH (not that I've seen that reported after a CPR install, but all bikes are different) it's going to be a long ride. Anyway, I'm excited for trying out this combo on the bike and I'll report back how it works out, before and after the CPR install.
Note: that the autotune doesn't works good on low rpm's according some people on the ktm smt forum, but they found some kind of workaround.
So i suggest to look there how to in the pcv topic.

But you do not know which afr is the best for the most power with this way of working without a dyno.

Mine personal opinion, i see it as a nice tool to maintain the optimal afr for the most power under all conditions.
Build a map on the dyno for the most power and put the tuned afr values in the autotune so it can maintain these values
Under all conditions (excluded the low rpm's).
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