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Originally Posted by 4-s-hsky View Post
We all need to carry things and the options are seemingly endless these days. I would love to have a set of Expedition Dry Saddle Bags but even when the brackets are produced I figure by the time the Big Brown Truck gets his share the setup is going to set me back almost $500. Donít get me wrong, I love Ericís products and he deserves every penny but I have a set of Dirt Bagz for the 610 and since I canít ride two bikes at once there must be a way me thinks. An inmate had a set of Dirt Bagz brackets from a 630 Husky in the flea market I picked up. Since the 630 had dual silencers I figured these would be a good donor for my project as I knew their shape should allow me some wiggle room. That and much like High Five has his GS 800 nearby; I had my bracket-ized 610 to use as a reference. Some engineering was in order. I wanted to utilize the rear rack mounts somehow but seeing that the rack is recessed into the fender, creating a bracket there was to be difficult. That leaves the muffler mount point which became my focus.
Good timing, I have been pondering all of my mods for this new bike. I have a set of Dirtbags that I was thinking about using also. I also have a Giant Loop Great Basin bag that fits but I would like to go to saddlebags on this bike. So I appreciate your writeup. Not sure yet what I am going to do for mounts but this gives a good perspective of how they will look. Yes that upper mount is a tight fit.

I like your shop, a few loads of dirt and you could have an indoor track!
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