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Originally Posted by Tinker1980 View Post
Beautiful restoration. Looks amazing. What mixture are you using in it, and what size main jet?

I have had one of these since 2002 or so. Paid $300 for it. Does not look ANYTHING like that good, but all the parts are present and correct. Tickle the Bing 54, stand on the left side and kick! Two or three and the old girl bangs to life, puffing smoke and scaring wildlife.

Lots of memories on that bike, trail riding with a friend who is no longer on this earth. Still bring it out and ride it once in a while. Until seeing your picture, I really had no idea what it was supposed to look like. If I can find a shop that can fix the crease in the tank, I'd restore it.

Wow, that Husky has been through the ringer! Before the bike had been restored, it looked about like that, just not as worn down. Glad to hear she's still running and providing you with lots of fun!
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