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Originally Posted by Dave.0 View Post
well, there is nothing wrong with givi bags, but on a bike in this price category they could have made more of a "bespoke" bag made specifically for the bike, not something you would buy off the shelf at twisted throttle and slap on your versys (not that there's anything wrong with that)

a random example of bags made specifically for the bike that fit the lines and style better, the norge

200 to 300 Motus per year vs how many Norge sales? Probably a few thousand. In addition I think they also fit other Guzzis as an accesory so even their economy of scale is in a different league.
Bespoke bags would probably have added thousands of dollars to the cost vs. hundreds for the Givi. Honda charges about $1000 for a set these days. I didn't think my Honda/Givi top case was too cheap in any way.
So many around here are bitching about the price already, and side bags are a part time proposition for most.
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