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But wait, there's more!

Actually, there is one more picture of Paul for later in this ride report, stay tuned!

Paul and I were out in front of Susan on the leg from El Meco to CD Maiz. On one short straight I noticed there wasn't anyone in my mirrors, then it was back into the twisties. On the next straight I waited for a while and still no bikes...not good. With my limited fuel range, I had enough to make CD Maiz, but not enough to double back and still get to CD Maiz. So I pushed on to Maiz, sat through the military checkpoint (this one complete with a little four wheel robot thing), rendezvoused with Paul and topped the fuel tank. Then we headed back to find the rest of the crew. They came rolling up shortly after we passed the checkpoint, so we got to do that again.

Lunch was good, once we figured out that they were asking how many chickens we wanted, not how many pieces of chicken. After lunch, Paul and I split off from the larger group. We only had a single week of vacation and our time in-country was limited. With the larger group's encouragement we set out for Xilitla.
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