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Originally Posted by Anders Green View Post
Hey, I'm gonna let you guys in on something I'm working on. It's still in progress, and I'm looking for feedback.

Tutorials, classes, and explanations. So, especially feedback from new guys and gals, on the questions you have as a new racer. And you guys are seeing this before the car guys do.

Cool, good info in there.

One question I see pop up here from time to time is "do I need DOT legal tires". My response has always been kind of like what you mention in the FAQ about non DOT turn signals/brake lights.... "that is between you an the cop that might pull you over". Might be worth adding something like that to the FAQ.

As far as the GPS question you have in the FAQ. I agree 100% that it doesn't help during the race stage but I have found the GPS to be helpful for navigation on the transits, especially at night.

This one however shocked me, I still plan on retiring from my day job and making my money in Rally
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