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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
For what ? Maybe if you are 250lbs + and just NEED to do fourth gear roll on wheelies...Having spent time on one I just can't see power being an issue for most situations.
Or if you are used to 450s, 250 2 strokes, or 500 cc 2 strokes, or big bore street bikes. And I love 4th and 5th gear wheelies (ride a CR500). Every one that I know that has or had one, has put the big bore kit in it, and it is still too slow to really get with the program in the dirt.

And I'm 205. One of the fastest guys I know really hauls ass on an XR200, an old one, so it isn't the bike that makes things happen.

Don't get all bunched up. Just a personal opinion here, just like everyone else.

As for the mileage comment, way too many bikes with less than 5000 miles out there, to buy a 50k miles bike. Unless it's close to free. I usually keep my bikes until 60k or so, and sell them cheap. At 60k, they are pretty loose, swingarm pivot and steeering head bearings are getting loose, all the rubber is going away, the engine is tired, etc., etc. And in my opinion, usually not worth putting money into rebuilding them, newer ones are too cheap.
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