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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
Or if you are used to 450s, 250 2 strokes, or 500 cc 2 strokes, or big bore street bikes. And I love 4th and 5th gear wheelies (ride a CR500). Every one that I know that has or had one, has put the big bore kit in it, and it is still too slow to really get with the program in the dirt.

And I'm 205. One of the fastest guys I know really hauls ass on an XR200, an old one, so it isn't the bike that makes things happen.

Don't get all bunched up. Just a personal opinion here, just like everyone else.
I'm not angry in the least. I am simply curious as to why anyone would make a blanket statement with regards to power. Saying that a bike does not have enough power implies that it needs more power. The truth is that the WR250r has plenty of power. It will tour just fine. It will run at interstate speeds all day. It will get it done in the dirt whether it be single track or open desert as long as you don't expect it to run at 100mph. Stating that you "want" more power is much different than a bike "needing" more power. Perhaps a modifier of "for me" next time?

By the way, here on the east coast big horsepower doesn't get you through our single-track any faster than the next guy but it will make an inexperienced rider look like an uncoordinated ass and may get you wrapped around a Cypress tree post haste.
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